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my vfts and others

Just took a pic today. Its of my dionaea ginormous, b52, bohemian garnets, red piranhas, dentes, king henry, and a typical
Nice setup man. Where do you live? I have a small flytrap and im debating taking it outside, but im not exactly sure what to do. Currently its sitting under a couple t5s
I haven't gotten into all the different types of FVT's. Maybe some of the big ones (B52's) some day.

Mine live outdoors year round in zone 5.
Thank you. Im in oakland ca. And b52 are awesome you should totally get some or even the ginormous.
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Hey 510 I live up on Richmond near the del Norte BART. We should hang out some time.
Definately tacks. Thanks madmacks420
can you tell me how you're growing the cephalotus follicularis? have you attempted heliemphora or darlingtonia?
Sure I keep them on a tray with top, filled with about half an inch of di water and is kept outdoors until I can make room indoors with t5ho lighting. I also fill the pitchers with di water to prevent drying out. haven't tried helis yet.
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Those look really good! Do you keep them outside all the time?