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My upgrade wasn't big enough...


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I waited all winter for a store to stock the kiddie pools everyone uses for sarracenia. I was more than excited when I saw them at walmart on my way home yesterday. Had a heck of a time getting the sucker in my car. I've been wanting to get my sarrs out of the Tupperware containers they have been growing in and I thought a pool would give me some much needed space for a few more pots. Fail...

Guess I'll have to try to find a bigger one or just get 2!

One worry I have is flooding. Does anyone have a good way to add a drainage hole? I'm thinking it will take some PVC fittings to make the hole less brittle.
The proper way is to use a bulkhead fitting or a UniSeal fitting. http://flexpvc.com/cart/agora.cgi?product=BulkheadFittingsEconomy
Cut the right sized hole with a hole saw, install either and hook up the necessary piping. Fwiw the bulkhead fittings are easier to work with. Forcing the seal into the hole and then forcing the pipe through the seal require a bit of strength, while installing and plumbing a bulkhead doesn't require the same hand strength. Personally I'd use UniSeals.
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Those are perfect! They flex with the contour of the pool which should help extend the life of the setup. Found them on amazon and have them in my cart. I think 2 should be able to handle any overflow from rain or whatnot.

Thanks for the reply. Extremely helpful. I was at lowes today but was rushed out of the PVC section. Glad I didn't find anything.