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My turn to brag

Seems like forever since I've bought a Nep but feeling good about resetting up my sculpting/illustration studio this weekend I took a trip to Wistubas website and blew a load!

So I'm getting the following and I'd like any growing experience you highlander folks have with these:
N. lamii
N. Doormans Top sp#1 (I preordered this 2 + years ago and never got it... so maybe this time!)
N. sp. Nov. Sumatra

I'm also getting all the available Lecanopteris species he has. These are caudex forming antferns. My uncle is a rare plant nut that got me into CPs and stuff so these will be gifts for him. And a new U. alpina since I melted my previous alpina a couple years back while fighting some kinda bugs on my neps with a chrysanthemum based bug spray. Neps weathered it great but even the tuber of the alpina disintegrated.
I've had them for about 6 months, also from Wistuba. Mine are still small specimens in 3" pots, but they are growing well in a cool basement under very bright mixed fluorescents. The Sp. Nov. Sumatra is making little thimble-sized pitchers that closely resemble jacquelinae at the same size. They are gorgeous little things - dark red with thick yellow-green peristomes. I'll try to take some pictures later this week.
Well I can't offer too much in the way of advice, but I can say congratulations!! They sound like they're gonna be really nice plants! Hope they all grow well for you.
swords if your uncle ever has extra of the Lecanopteris, im always looking for some of those and am always up for doing some trading of odd ball plants
I grow lamii and Spec nova Sumatra, but neither of the Doorman's Top plants.
I think lamii is the slowest of all my Neps, here's a pic (which some of you may have seen before) showing it after a year's growth.


Spec nova Sumatra I find faster, I've had this plant since last June:


My plant's pitchers seem slightly different to WalterG's, but whether that's due to them being different clones, or because of differences in our growing conditions I wouldn't like to guess. Both my plants grow in terras at between 10c and the low 20cs, but I suspect lamii would prefer to be kept cooler.
Great shots Tony! I've never seen an N. lamii so thanks for that! I wonder, the plant has such narrow leaves it must've evolved in a very high light habitat. The Nov. Sumatra is interesting and does indeed resemble jacquelineae at that stage.
Swords, you're right, there are very few pics of lamii on the web (BobZ's site has six links, and two of them are to my plant). It seems to inhabit very open cloud forest at around 2600m, so I grow it in lfs with high humidity and bright light, and keep it as cool as I can. As you can see, my plant makes functional pitchers, but they'd struggle to trap an ant.


I grow N. spec. nov. Sumatra and I find it is an easy grower. Fast and with very nice pitchers

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Nice one! Let's see that Doormans #1 right in front of it, I've been waiting on this plant some 3 years now...
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[b said:
Quote[/b] (swords @ Mar. 09 2006,3:30)]Nice one! Let's see that Doormans #1 right in front of it, I've been waiting on this plant some 3 years now...
It's still teeny tiny. Not much to look at - Just some skinny little leaves and no pitchers yet.
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Dang. How long have you had yours what's the growth progression been like?