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My Saccarenia, is this a good sign?

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my saccarenia is turning red. is this a good sign or not? Thanks! It was on indoor with highlight using LED.

now I transferred it to a window.

I also wonder what possible species is this. thanks!

Sarracenia seedlings that are under high light levels will often turn red. They will enjoy as much light as you can give them.

As to what species it is, it is just a seedling. It's too young to tell what it is.
Sun Sun Sun, it's hard to over-do it with most Sarrs it seems like. As long as they are acclimated as best you can from artificial lighting if that's the case.
Sun Sun Sun, it's hard to over-do it with most Sarrs it seems like....

True. My Sarracenia is on the west side of my house and gets zapped by full-force afternoon sun, and all it does is turn red.
Most seedlings in full light go red, its the anthocyanin protecting the plant, they develop more green and other colours as they mature, probably being 3-4 years old before you can say that they have reached their stable colouration.

As for what it is Bio is right you will need more time to let it develop before you can tell, even then if its a hybrid you will never know for sure.