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My pygmy pics!!!

Everyone feel free to upload your pygmy pics i.want to c all kinds.
how long did it take to getyour D.roseana from pic one to pic two?
First pic February 28, 2013 second pic June 11, 2013

This one was taken on May 20, 2013

IMG_20130520_003353 by ace209er, on Flickr
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are the D.roseana, in a container growing. if you dont mind me asking what are your growing conditions during that time. I am growing some from seed, but only been a couple months.
I am growing the roseana in a clear dixie cup i had no extra pots at the time. But i grew them from gemmae not from seed i kept a piece of plastic wrap over the top to keep them from drying out untill they sprouted after that i removed it i grow them in verry low humidity or atlest the little humidity in.my house. As for lighting i kept them under flourecent lights till they had there first leaves then i moved them to a west facing window and thats were they been ever since. I left about a half an inch from the soil surface to the rim.of the cup as to create a little micro climate in the cup. The enodes scott river and gibsonni.are being grown in 4 in pots under flourecent lights with even less humidity. The only time i.really provided the high humidity is when they were sprouting.
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'Good-looking plants! I like the 'before' and 'after' pics.
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When gemmae season rolls around, I'd love to work out a trade with you.
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Same ^^
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Sure just send a pm a little before gemmae season starts and i will make sure to hold some for you. You too jimscott
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Thanks I alsohad before and afters of the enodes and gibsonii but I think they were deleted.
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So do the D. paleacea always end up with their leaves bent to the ground?
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I want to get some pulchella so bad I love how they look thoose are some nice plants I hope people post more pics.
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At the top of my want list for pygmies is Drosera platystigma I want it so bad.