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My newest Addition

Just got this in the mail! N. rafflesiana var. elongata ( does anyone has this species as an adult? I've seen only a few pictures online & they are beautiful)


Full plant, so lil...lol

its lil but not tiny :p you got a nice lookin plant there :) Haven't seen an adult but look forward to viewing your grow up!

haha! :D, thanks mate!
Nice plant! Don't have it (though I want it), but the pitchers it forms when mature are different enough to where some have actaully named it a separate either species or subspecies, N. baramensis, thanks to the box shape on the uppers.
Thank you hcarlton! I've read that as well! this is why I ordered, the upper pitchers are fantastic. a lot of disagreement on this subject tho lol.
Nice. I'm curious what it will look like once it grows. I have two super small seedlings of a red raff. I hope they'll survive and be big plants.
Added three new species to my collection here is the first one

n. first light "N.spathulata x (spectabilis x veitchii)"


n. eymae x jacquelineae :D




one of my favorites n. northiana !! lil one 2 inches :) this one is going outside by the pond


a pic of the growing rack :) with robcantleyi on top left and lowii truncata on top right.


close up of the lowii x truncata...first pitcher under my care! :)


& robcantleyi working on that lil pitcher lol I wonder how many months sigh*

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They look great! Congrats. I have two northianas. But mine are little. They are very cool plants.
Thank you Thagirion! I hope mine does well temperatures and humidity are very high most of the year so we shall see! this one is very little as well
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Wow! you have some nice stuff there!
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Thanks Michael! slowly but surely growing my collection :-D
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Just keep an eye on that northiana for leaf burn with that hot Florida sun. I'd try to acclimate it to the sun first. northiana should acclimate pretty well to the bright sun as they grow on cliff faces in Borneo.
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thanks for the advice dsrtfox1942! as of now is under the pergola by creeping fig it doesn't take sun, is bright but no sun hits her. I'm a wait maybe a couple of weeks. then maybe put it under the palm trees that take full sun. I'm trying not to look at it too much or either move it just in case the myths are true, if i give it a bad look it will die lol