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My new nepenthes arrivals :)

I have 6 ready to thrive. I changed up the soil mix and increased the perlite/reduced the peat so hopefully will look less enticing to pests. I have a very nice looking coccinae, not 1 but 2 grabilis hybrids :). one is a purple gracilis/mirabilis and the other is a gracilis/winged mirabilis......I hear these things are prolific growers so we will see. I have a speckled mirabilis, a mirabilis x ted payne and an anamensis. all are from cutting but i hear they are even easier to grow.

none of these pitchers are my doing so I cannot take credit for anything yet but will be looking forward to when I can. First pitchers is the most rewarding to me.








looks like I will need to dial back the light intensity a tad...some of them are showing a red discoloration after only 48h......i will wait til they get a little bit bigger before attempting to acclimate them to more light.

also I have 1 more on the way and I will be at capacity....if I plan to expand my collection then I will need more room or trade off some neps....boo! *starts planning for compact hothouse*
I wouldn't use a peat/perlite mix for any nepenthes, even if you let the soil dry between waterings it tends to lead to problems in the long run. I would suggest a basic orchid mix like Fafard orchid mix. Thats what I use and it works great. Aside from that, great choice in plants! I'm sure they'll grow up to be nice and produce some cool pitchers.

Is the winged mirabilis winged on the tendril or what exactly? I've got a pot full of different mirabilis varieties and i've never heard of a winged one.
honestly I never heard of one either nor a speckled mirabilis. the wings are on the pitcher. The winged hybrid is the 4th one down and the wings are quite prominent...i will get a closer shot for u prob tomorrow. will do on the orchid mix and thx for the advice; next time I repot them I will transition the media. It will work out bc my older lowlanders will need to be repotted at the same time. As of now my fav is the coccinae.
Just looked that up on cpphotofinder. coccinea is a hybrid between rafflesiana and ampullaria and mirabilis, three of my favorite nepenthes. I bet that'll be a beauty when it's older.