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I felt the need to move one of more recent neps to a different spot and one of my older neps as well. I decided to give the wriggleiana more shade and the L X H veitchii more light. My little grow chamber is starting to show more green in it. :)

Also I am pleased to report that the average size/height of my nepenthes has taken a step up. Growth has slowed since I was away and stopped feeding them but I have more flies in culture so they will get their food soon enough. It's also interesting to see them react to the change in season; I think they are beginning to suspect they are not in the jungles of borneo.lol......I wonder how they will handle the winter when I have to begin artificially supplementing the temperature and possibly the lighting. hmmmm.....

so far i have the following: HxL Veitchii, x Coccinae, bical red flush, mirabilis var echinostoma, raffesiana var elongata, wriggleiana, miranda, winged mirabilis x gracilis, smilesii, ampullaria 'lime twist', ampullaria 'crimson', purple gracilis x mirabilis, and northiana

any thoughts, feedback or growing advice is appreciated.

also getting a nepenthes eustachya 'red' soon.


Might I know where that eustachya came from? :D
I can see a lot of good pitchers in that pic there, good work!

yea......one day I need to put some effort into taking some good photo's of the pitchers but my #1 rule usually supersedes it......which is don't touch em. lol.
I'd figure out a way to heat it ASAP. N. northiana does not like a drastic change in parameters and will be the first one to die if it gets too cold.
I am curious as to your lighting. It appears to be quite a distance between the plants and whatever light source you are using. Are they in natural sunlight?
What are your current temperature parameters?
@ wireman......heating it will not be an issue. the chamber is inside a gh which will be sealed and heated when it gets cooler. in addition all the water in that tank is heated to 88 F right now.

@ tony........I am using sunlight. while the bottom and sides are 6 mil plastic, the top is transparent......most of the light is diffused by the gh but some of it isn't that comes through the doorway.....I anticipate that I might have to supplement the light some when I seal the gh but nothing bright......prob just a 4 ft t8 or something.

temp parameters vary depending on season most of the year. as mentioned above with exception of summer months the water is heated inside the grow chamber which is used to turn into fog and circulated via that 90mm fan for humidity control/distribution and slight temperature compensation. far as overheating I use ventilation to control that. There is a primary ventilation source that works sun up to sundown but doesn't move too much air....mainly just circulates it. there is a secondary ventilation source that is connected to a temp controller and works strictly as an exhaust system if too much heat builds up inside the chamber. Once the winter sets in the secondary fan will be converted to an intake fan piping in heated air should it get too chilly.

here is a pic to help the descrpition:

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