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My N. merrilliana

My new N. merrilliana is doing grate! Thanks Tony!

When I got it from Tony I immediately bagged it.

Photo of the plant the first day I got it 5-17-2013



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Nice! I was pretty close to picking one up myself, but was deterred by thought of a lowland giant choking out my tiny lowland terrarium. Be sure to keep us updated.

As an aside, one of the benefits of ordering from Tony is that he has already acclimated the plants. In a way, bagging them is just setting them back a bit.
Thanks Mato! Tony dos a grate job. I have two plants and this one is the only one I can keep pitchers on it. LoL
I'm going to what a little while before I remove it from the bag.
Wow it seems to be doing good for you. I am thinking of getting one myself, thanks for sharing.
Too cool, very nice job! N. merrilliana isn't so easy to find, wish I hadn't missed these. I'll agree with Mato here too, no need to bag anything from Tony. I've never had any issues acclimating anything, even the small TC clones, be it when I was living in NY or here in FL.
Today's photo... im getting one leaf every 15 days.
My Other N. Merrilliana #8 x giant, got it almost two years ago...
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Doesn't look nearly as good as the one from Tony... Is that from Wistuba?
nice to see you got one from tony as well :D

mine has been thriving in the LL tent, now has two pitchers. ill delete these if you dont want em in here but this is mine today:

pot is about 3.75 inches wide for reference
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Don't these guys get GIANT?
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No please don't remove your photo.. Looks grate!
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Doesn't look nearly as good as the one from Tony... Is that from Wistuba?

The 1st plant is N. merrilliana (a) from BE. Got it from Tony.
The 2nd plant is N. merrilliana #8 x giant from Exotica. I did buy it from Tony.