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My Mystery Nepenthes

Hello fellow CP'ers

I have a couple of Mystery Nepenthes. These were given to me as cuttings. They were potted in LPS and they have since taken off and are producing pitchers that are quit stunning. The pitchers are purple-red with darker spots. I have attached a couple of photos; I hope they are good enough to identify them. These plants are over 3" in diameter.



Thanks for any help on identying them!
My first thought was N. ventricosa x aristo
My first thought was N. ventricosa x aristo

Thank you for the input pills23.

I have a N. ventricosa x aristo, and the pitchers look different. Although we know that all hybrids don't necessarily look identical ;)

The pitchers on all three of these plants have the same look. They form a uniform cylinder pitcher. N. ventricosa x xiphodes, looks like it in shape, the wings are larger on mine, and the inside of the pitchers are deep red.
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