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my first nepenthes!

i got this awhile ago at my local home depot, and i was going to make a thread about it then, but i kept forgetting to upload the pics, but whatever, here it is now!

three of the pitchers were a little damaged, two were un-damaged, two were dried up, an one had yet to open(since then, it has!) the growth points (it has four) looked ok though, and have grown some since i got it.









since i took these, i moved the pot from sitting on that stand to hanging in the window.

what is it? likeley to be n. miranda, i googled around, searching stuff like 'home depot nepenthes', 'what nepenthes are sold at home depot', and 'hanging basket nepenthes'. i came across a thread on another CP forum about lowes/home depot plant id's, and one of the members had said that the plants in the hanging baskets were almost always n. alata, or n. miranda, and mine looks like it is probably/mabey a miranda. if anyone here thinks it is something else, please let me know!
Based on the size and pitchers, it's definitely a N. x Miranda.

I wish the home depots by me had any CPs.
Yep, congrats on your first Nepenthes x Miranda. Should do great for you. Mine is flowering right now actually.

(do you have a pic of it flowerig?)
Concur that would be a dear sweet Miranda. Awesome plant actually. Makes a great house plant.
I actually work in the garden center at home depot, and alas, we don't have any CPs....maybe I can fix that.... :mwahaha:
This was my very first nepenthes as well and it's still a big favorite today. If you have the option put it outside, it makes even bigger pitchers in more light.
This was my very first nepenthes as well and it's still a big favorite today. If you have the option put it outside, it makes even bigger pitchers in more light.

im planning on putting it outside this summer, in a somewhat sheltered location on our porch that still gets plenty of sun.

Here is my flowering Miranda.

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cool! is that a Maxillaria in the background?
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Why yes it is. My favorite orchid. As well as my truncata x spectabilis on the right and my truncata x veitchii peeking in on the left.
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Not particularly. I should start one however.
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Nepenthes! Oh, how the members of this forum love them so! The plant I ordered actually arrived just a few days ago! (Couldn't the eBay vendor at least tell me it would be bareroot?) Oh, well, I wish you success in growing your plant, although it looks like you already have success!
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so, i moved it outside in the summer, and it grew A LOT!!! all the pitchers it had on it when i got it have died, but it grew a whole new pitcher for me! it was moved back inside several weeks ago, and is now inflating a second pitcher. it has 11 tendrils/pitchers in various stages of development, and a new basal shoot too! (wish i hadnt lost the camera, like ages ago.... only pictures i have are from my dads iphone... ill see if i can get those up anyways though!)
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These two are actually some older photos. I should take some new ones.
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wow.....thats a nice plant. great score.