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My first experience with drosophyllum

Photo 02/11 - :)

Nice! Good luck with it. I just had my first droso seed germinate for me, this week.
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:boogie: Congrats to you both!
germinating is advisable as in other species, little sun and weak or enough sun? the same question in germinating seedlings.

the second seed germinated q, with little sun shading screen (75% sun block) it was caida. I changed the water below and put a cap to greenhouse and hours she recovered. luckily I did not lose.
:boogie: Congrats to you both!
Thanks, DJ! I'm pretty excited to be growing a Drosophyllum lusitanicum for the first time.
[MENTION=12485]Edson[/MENTION]... When did yours germinate? What date?

I'll update tomorrow. I had a scare in my 2 germinations that, due to the sun, they fell. But I have replenished water and grew. Here is summer and I realized that the sun for an hour will have to be much less.
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Photograph 2016/11/09


I think of replenishing sand around the small seedling and in 15 days doing replanting. I would like opinions, grateful
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They are so tricky, for the first week! I've killed them with too much water and too little water!
I saw in photos and videos that the root grows quickly and very, I was forced to do a risky transplant. If left longer the formation of the roots would reach the bottom of the glass and in direct contact with the strong humidity would be fatal.

Yesterday I prepared the vase,


I managed to withdraw through the glass I used for germination.


Now waiting,



My substrate was on average 70 sand, 15 perlite, 15 charcoal + sphagnum + pinus

In 1.5 - 2cm above a layer of sand + perlite only.

The bucket below is only expanded clay + sand, these help and keep the clay pot moist, never dry.

It's Saturday and feijoada, so I put a reasonable lunch for her. (3 or 4 small mosquitoes)

For an hour, this is personal. I'm trying to expose my step by step here. Joia

Now to wait and see how the plant will react, at the moment is in safeguard. Here crossed fingers.
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My two germs died. One looks wilted, the other looks black like the picture above.
For my next attempt, my friends, from your experience, can I leave in water 72 hours without scarification, without sanding? any suggestion?