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My Favorite Rose

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BS Bulldozer
Baron Girod de l'ain. I know how SOME people around here feel about it:puke:, but here it is:


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Are you sure that's the Baron?? I don't see any of the white streaks or serrated petal edges on those blooms. ???
Why do some people feel sick about it?
Why is it your favorite?
You know Paul, I have noticed that the white edging is very hit or miss on my plant. Some years some flowers have a considerable amount of it, and other years I think I got a General Jack. The flower I photographed has a bit of edging, more than the other blooms I've seen so far this season, but they didn't show very well in the photo. Acro the reason some people don't like it is that, as it was put to me, the whole class of roses to which it belongs are from a genetic standpoint the worst of all possible worlds. The plants are very prone to black spot later in the season, some of which is already making an appearance as a careful look at the pic shows. These problems are normally passed on to the progeny of these roses as well. The reason it's my fave is all about the flowers. The substance and scent are incredible. The plants themselves are not the best garden specimens. I've heard Stanhopea orchids described as the most beautiful flowers on the ugliest plants. I think Hybrid Perpetuals deserve the moniker at least as much.