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My cephalotus

Thought I would share some pics, albeit they do probably kind of suck, quality wise. Did what I could with an Android cam.

Hummer's Giant first:

I'm pretty sure that's a flower stalk poking up, I will be doing a cutting on that soon:


Here's a few of my "mystery vigorous" cephalotus:





I've already performed a leaf cutting on the vigorous. Hoping it takes. :)
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Well... I don't know if those work or not. If not... I guess just delete the thread cause I can't fix it, the links are fine.
they work for me. And that is indeed a flower stalk.
Well done.
Cool, thanks. :) I guess the photos are just too big for my browser to display or something.
Here's that flower stalk after being cut, dipped in root powder and planted in a mix if LFS and course perlite:


And now the wait begins...