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My aunt's frog story

Jul 15, 2007
Houston, Tx
My aunt just visited from trinadad, and she was telling us that her daughter, who is in her twenties, teaches in the down stares part of their house, and she bought a frog tank for class pets (don't know what kind of frogs) well it had been a few months from when she bought them and she hadn't been keeping up with the tank. so my aunt felt bad for the little frogs, so she put the frogs in a holding tank and started going at cleaning the enclosure. she thought it was too cold for the frogs so she bought a heater. The tank now looked great and it was nice and warm. The mane problem was it was a little too perfect. the frogs started mating like crazy. there were about a hundred tadpoles in the tank. and they wernt stopping. lol the finally took it to a pet store and they helped them fix the problems.

I thought you might think this funny. she knew nothing about frogs when she did this.lol


Your one and only pest!
Dec 29, 2006
It sounds like wait happened to my guppies That were supposed to be feeder fish. they moved from a bare tank to a tank with no weeds so I put a floating one in. By the end of the month 3 guppies 1 male 2 girls made 30 with fish eating them. When summer was over there atleast 80 with 50% or more were babies though. But, I guess its hard to keep guppies from mating.