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moving saltwater tank

Oh my goodness I thought it would be a nightmare. it was the one thing i dreaded most about having to move (my house was put up for sale)
Second most thing being how do i find another house as suitable for my obsessive plant habit.

Well, I had a successful go at it; no fish died, my polyps are all safe, and my anemone is doing great.

All i did was buy a 40 gallon tupperware box, fill it with fresh made saltwater, move the heaters to it. wait.
Move all the liverock to the tupperware and add the pump. bag the fish, drain all but the last inch of tank water.
use the plate method when refilling the tank. voila! presto! i cant believe my luck. i love my little hectors goby :]

Just wanted to share, in this ultralively forum.
Congratulations on the successful move!