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More light?

Hi all,

Do these plants need more light? They are ampullaria, bicalcarata, hookerania, and a bunch of Vikings.
I'm going to guess the group of small plants are the vikings, since you likely got them from the same place I did. Mine have more color, so they can certainly handle more light. I couldn't say about the rest, though I know ampullaria is very light-sensitive.
Yep, they are and we did. They've done pretty well for me this summer - nothing, until I over them out of deep shade to where they are now, and they popped tons of pitchers. So they can handle more light... But do they need more?

My backyard in the summer has limited areas of part sun. I can easily do bright shade, which they are in now, or full sun, but if these NEED more light than what they've been getting ill figure it out. If they look fine, I'll leave them where they are.
I couldn't say if they really need more light, but I have some nearly solid red pitchers (and some pretty red leaves) with the plants sitting near the outer edge of my LED light range.

Nepenthes mirabilis var. globosa by Nimbulan, on Flickr
So far, No real information has been put out.
Some plants I see look phenominal, Others look Like
they could use a Little help.

What is
#1: The temperature of your grow room (Day and Night)
#2 The light source youre currently using / the bulbs used in it (also how many)
#3: The Hours of light you are giving them
#4 How wet are your plants and what water source are you using for water
#5 What are you feeding them and how often
#6 How old are the plants
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