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More large duckweed and a limited number of Parrotfeather cuttings


My larger water feature has spawned a bunch of new large duckweed and I need to thin it out. Perhaps some of you might want some. I sent out some before and more has grown so if you want some, shout out! The odds are good that you would also get some aquatic snails.:) Email is preferable gnixon@satx.rr.com I also got some Parrotfeather at a local plant exchange a couple of months ago, and feel I could take four or so cuttings from it should anyone be interested. It would be from the above water part. Perhaps a few other water plants upon request. Just for the halibut, I can also take a couple of cuttings from a root-beer plant that has gotten a growth spurt lately and a rock rose that I need to trim.



root-beer plant

This came up from the roots outside the pot.

Does anyone know what this is??


By the way, does anyone have a N. bical burning a hole in their pocket? Or any of the Czech reddish tinged Aldrovanda or any other type of Aldrovanda besides the green?

Thanks, and good growing!

Postage or trade should there be interest.