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Mold on Cork Bark

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I recently mounted some miniature orchids and ant plants on cork bark slabs. The plants seem to be happy but I've noticed mold growing on the cork bark. I increased ventilation, but still, the mold grows.

Should I do something to remove the mold or should I just let it run it's course (and hopefully die off)?
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I don't think that the mold will harm your plants, but I'm no expert. If it's just too unsightly, perhaps you could try using some other substrate, such as fir bark, that is far less conducive to this sort of thing.
I come from a background of dart frogs that need over 70% humidity and had mold in at least all of my tanks. The best way to get rid of mold is to put some isopods or springtails in the soil. I am not 100% about carnivorous plants but the bugs have never eaten any of my plants (or plant roots) in my tanks. They eat mold, and dying plant matter so your plants should be okay. If you have any more questions on these ask. Hope everything gets sorted out.
Thanks you two!

It took me too long mounting them to move them to another type of wood. lol
The cork bark is hanging so isopods/springtails probably couldn't get to them.
I may just scrape it off it gets out of hand.

Thanks again for the thoughts!
springtails do jump and do live in decaying wood so they may well be able to get to it, and they do love mould.