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Mini Indoor Greenhouse

I'm going to be setting up a small greenhouse in my house in a few months for some highland Nepenthes. But, I have a few questions regarding how I'm going to set it up. Here's a link to the greenhouse I'm going to purchase:


I'm not really sure if the lights I'm thinking about using woud be bright enough. If they're not, does anybody know of some good, cheap alternitives? I plan on having two, one on each side, possibly with a low wattage heat light inbetween them to keep the plants warm during the day. But I'm not to sure about that. Here's a link to the lights I'm considering:


I don't think humidity will be too much of an issue, but I plan on just filling up a small bucket with water and letting it evaporate to provide humidity.

Does anybody have any suggestions on how to improve this design?
I would take temps in the greenhouse with your normal lighting, not heat lights, and see where you are at before adding heat. You might be surprised how warm it gets from existing lights and being enclosed.

What is your target temp range?
Most sources I can find online say that 75-80 degrees is a good day time temp and around 60 is a good night time temp, so I'll likely try to get around there.
I bought the Onegrow version of these. Make absolutely sure that you get the steel ones, not the cheap plastic. Here is the link that got me well and started off. -http://www.terraforums.com/forums/showthread.php/137101-Highland-Terrarium-Help?highlight=highland+terrarium THANK YOU VRAEV!!

Ive currently got a GGI 4 tube T5HO (2 foot) Light fixture inside as well. I can get pics if you would like them.
You will need a small humidifier inside, and if kept out of the sun, these greenhouses generally dont go over 82 F