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Mexi-ping with a Drooling Thing

Roll up the Rim

This P. moranensis was grown out from seed by me a short while back, and I wanted to share some pics of this plant's rolled up leaf margins.


The margins roll upward and inward, looking like the underside of a Frisbee.


Here is the plant just before I fed it some powdered freeze-dried bloodworms yesterday without misting the leaves to moisten the FDBW.


A shot from this morning, showing drool pooling in the lips of the downward facing bottom three leaves.


It seems that this plant is able to produce a lot of acid and digestive enzymes, without the need for any misting.

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That's adorable!
How long does it take to grow these from seed?
Nice color and greaseage!
Thanks for the comments,

How long does it take to grow these from seed?

It can take a year or two to grow from seed to an adult flowering plant, depending upon species and grower alike.

But having seed raised plants will increase the diversity and variety in your collection.

Here is a sibling plant from the same seed batch as the plant shown above.


The seed batch came with the following description.

Pinguicula moranensis (red rosettes, near Santa Catarina, Juquilla, Oaxaca, Mexico, 2080m)

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beautiful DVG,especially the colourful last plant