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Making a terrarium on an 20 gallon tank

So... I've gotten tired of my saltwater fish tank (which has been an anemone house for nearly a year now after the last fish died)

...So, I'm planing to change it into a CP terrarium that would look a bit like this:


[for those who don't really get my Paint drawing (and I don't blame you) the plants sit on a tray above water level, that is watered via a water pump submerged below it and the remnant cascades back to the reservoir]

Does it look functional? I thought also on the approach of no pots (just wet moss on the bottom) but I don't really like that idea... And making "stair levels" seems like a waste of time given that I won't increase pot space)
The tank has a capacity of 90 liters (about 20 gallons) but it's higher than it is wide (50 cm long/60 cm high/30 cm depth)
Should I try to find one with a different size?

I know I have to wash the very last scrap of salt that may be left and that I can't use any rock that is on the tank later for the terrarium...
I like the watering idea, looks nice!
Interesting, doesn't let the water become stagnant.....smart....
I think the runoff from the pots will eventually cause algae growth and may damage the filter. Cool idea though
Could burn up pump if it gloggs. But if you make a filter type setup to keep algue from the pump. You will get algae growth ifight gets to the bottom water. Its a great idea. Kinda like hydroponics. I'm going to try hydroponics with inorganics eventually.
as long as you do not mind the water getting gross or get aggressive with uv sterilizers it should be okay. With that much water moving around there shouldn't be a problem with humidity. As long as what you are growing doesn't mind tray watering then sounds like a win/win.

*edit other than that perhaps install a little piece of spillway pipe an inch or 2 high to maintain a desired level for tray watering.
I though about fine spray nozzles on top of the tank to water and keep the plants outside water level...
In fact, using eggcrate to make "levels" to add to the visual impact of the tank (those in the back higher than those on the front)

Will the high tank be enough for keeping ambient humidity or should I add a reptile-type humidifier?