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Magic Chef Mcwc6b Wine Cooler

I took this off of my N. villosa string in case someone needs a temporary cold box for small highland neps and doesn't follow older strings.
It is exactly what I needed until these plants get bigger, it is in my room with ac since the ambient temps effect it's performance. Yanked the shelves out and since the 5 gallon aquarium is a little too wide and the 2.5 gallon one is too small I just sit the plants inside using glass furniture coasters to catch drips and plastic drink cups over the top. After spraying the inside of the cups and placing them over the plant all 5 go into the box and maintain 100% humidity all night in the 50 degrees of the cooler. I tested the cooler beforehand and managed a low of 48 degrees F and decided that 50 would be reasonable for all five plants, 2 hamata's, macrophylla, villosa and inermis x talangensis. It has the usual blue-ish light with manual switch inside as well as a temperature adjustment knob.

A chest freezer works even better since the lid is horizontal and they seem to be cheaper. I currently have a chest freezer setup as does Donh and Ryan Georgia