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looking for these neps

hey guy i live in South Africa and i would like to know if anyone would be willing to export these to us.

Peter D'Amato x tm
eymae x (stenophylla x lowii) x tm
(burkei x lowii) x tm
eymae x jacquelineae
eymae x (jacquelineae x izumiae)
eymae x ephippiata
Eymae x tm

We will pay for shipping and certs
Ofcourse you are allowed you just need the proper export, cites and phyto certificates. Though i dont think SA requires cites, i asked once and an import official said only import and phyto. So i will ask again, anyone willing to help a guy out?
Kevin for most hobbiest, the hassle of getting the necessary permits isn't worth the rewards. Your efforts are probably better utilized by looking for these hybrids through the large suppliers or with other growers in SA.
Currently, a USDA Phyto Certificate costs $50 US for the shipper/exporter to acquire. Just thought you'd like to know.
Thats no more than i pay at ep and im willing to pay for certs and shipping for anyone thats willing to help

You may also need a Nursery Stock License from your state. Costs and requirements vary from state to state. All of them require a periodic site inspection of your growing areas. Licensee assumes the cost of the inspection in most cases (based on time/area of growing spaces). These licenses may also be required if you are selling plants retail or wholesale.
The problem is they are usa exclusive no one outside has them. And this would not be a retail or wholesale thing just a favor for someone
I think you need to talk to the actual SUPPLIER for these crosses and inquire about international shipping, rather than trying to persuade forum members to do the work for you.