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looking for sarrencia

  • Thread starter land_pro
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hey guys, i'm looking to see if anybody has any extra sarrencias hanging around. I'm intrested in anything other than purpureas,(i have alot of them). Let me know if you might wanna do some trades. I have s. purpureas and s. purpureas that have stayed green for me.
I have seed-grown S. alata up for trades right now, most turning out very colorful. If you're interested, let me know what you have to trade.
any ideas what you might want for a couple? i will look to see what i have extra of, i do think i have a bunch of extra d.rotundifolias and d. intermedias from the new england area. i collected seeds a few years back to grow and they took off.
A few different varieties of the species might be interesting. If you have location data, I'd be especially interested. PM me.
How much room do you have to grow/ i have scads of sarracenia that I would like new homes. some are only partially labeled like flava ssp??
email me if interested
i have alot of room, what would you want in return for some?