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Looking for pics

I have three flowers coming in on my S. Rosea so far and one on my S. Minor okee giant and was curious if anyone had pics of a cross of these.

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S. rosea x minor okefenokeensis would look like a very large x swaniana (though that name would not fit this cross as x swaniana is reserved for purpurea x minor).
Thank you for the responses looking forward to it. I hope to show pictures when available.

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I suppose it depends on who you ask whether S. rosea is a separate species or not. Considering that CPPhotofinder lists it primarily as S. purpurea ssp. venosa var. burkii I will assume that any pictures of this cross are included on the S. x swaniana page. They certainly don't have a separate page for S. rosea x minor (or vice versa.)
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I was curious which I figured it would be lighter but I was hoping to see a picture of one that was crossed with a giant. I really do like the bigger of the plants so I'm hoping for another giant.

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It will probably turn out tubbier, and the petals a lighter color. Otherwise, physically rosea and purpurea aren't too different and the hybrids will be similar, if perhaps bulkier in several means; rosea is a cryptic species separated by genetic differences.
That's sounds promising to me so looking forward to getting a fair amount of seeds.

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