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Looking for nepenthes Dubia, lowii and jambam

Hey everyone, I was just curious to know if anyone out there has any of the following plants (dubia, lowii, jambam) for trade? Thanks :banana2:
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Everyone, meet my friend and neighbor, John (Loren).
wish I had a jambam, love the shape of its pitchers
Also known as John Loren lowlow McGyver Finckle Stein.
I'll have a couple lowii seedlings avail. in the not too distant future.
jambam, thank you ma'am :-))

In all seriousness, I could spare a teeny tiny seedling of this species if you're interested.
I have a batch of dubia seeds, when they germinate I could send you a seedling :)
Wow! I wasn't expecting such an amazing response from everyone, thank you all for your help...... Now, my next question? When one of you is ready to ship the seeds will you private message me for my shipping and payment information? Thanks
uhh.. looking back it appears only one of us had seeds.
Speaking for my own seedling offer though, I'll hit you up when the time comes, yeah.
See what you have for trade.
N. jamban isn't hard to find in commerce, and the other two are regularly available from one of several US sources.
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I've got some N. Dubia "red" seeds that I'm waiting for to germinate so I can always send you a seeding. It may take a few months wait to make sure the seedling is large and hardy enough to send, or theres a high possibility of death during shipment if its still very small.