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looking for Hydnophytum simplex

I'm looking to round out my ant plant collection. Hydnophytum simplex doesn't seem to be very common in the US (it's easier to find in the UK) but maybe it has made its way over the ocean in recent years.

We can discuss what I have to trade in the rare event that someone owns and can part with this plant.

I'd also be happy to trade for any other ant plants that are not on my grow list. My grow list includes:

- Hydnophytum formicarum
- Hydnophytum moseleyanum
- Lecanopteris balgooyi
- Lecanopteris celebica
- Lecanopteris crustacea
- Lecanopteris curtisii
- Lecanopteris darnaedii
- Lecanopteris deparioides
- Lecanopteris holttumii
- Lecanopteris mirabilis
- Lecanopteris pumila
- Lecanopteris sinuosa
- Myrmecodia armata
- Myrmecodia beccarii
- Myrmecodia echinata/tuberosa

EDIT: Myrmecodia platytyrea is also high on my want list.
This post and the plants you mention have taken over my evening. After reading all night I have decided I need some of these!

So cool. If you have/find a good source, let me know!
I haven't found a source better than eBay for the common ones. The uncommon ones I can only find at Wistuba.

They're certainly addictive. There are few plants like them.
I bought a very nice H. Moseleyanum at an east coast vendor who also sells CP's. I'll PM you.
I have H. moseleyanum. I think I worded it awkwardly, but the long list was stuff I already own. I'm interested in things not on the list (mostly H. simplex and M. platytyrea).
We have a few seedlings at Meadowview.
Ohh Oops. That was my bad. Clear your inbox man!
Just got an H. simplex from Meadowview. Still looking for M. platytyrea.