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A leuco by any other name would still be as glutto
I am wanting to genetically branch out with my Darlingtonia collection and am looking for any mountain form plants you might have.

For trade I have various Sarracenia species and hybrids including

  • S. flava Coppertop
  • S. alata Maroon Thoat
  • S. rubra ssp. rubra
  • S. oreo Sand Mountain x minor Coppertop
  • S. leuco x purp

I also have a N. Wrigleyana two-three foot growing stem, a couple mounted orchids, and a couple slipper orchids I would trade. I may have a few Dionaea FTS Maroon Monsters I could part with, but they are not the biggest specimens.

Check out my grow list if none of these pique your interest, as I may be able to part with something else depending on the trade.