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I'm interested in trading for Ceph's I don't currently grow.

If you have anything not on my grow list available let me know.

Jeremiah's Cephalotus grow list
C. follicularis Typical Brewer
C. follicularis Typical Kris Hardly

C. follicularis "Big Boy"
C. follicularis "Black"
C. follicularis Coal Mine Beach
C. follicularis "Czech Giant"
C. follicularis "CZ Clone" (Not Giant)
C. follicularis "Double Ribbed" SG
C. follicularis "Dudley Watts"
C. follicularis "Emu Point Giant" SG
C. follicularis "German Giant"
C. follicularis "Giant" Wistuba
C. follicularis 'Hummer’s Giant'
C. follicularis 'Hummer Giant' Self
Pollenated SG
C. follicularis Hummers Regular
C. Follicularis Marston Exotics 1985 aka Adrian Slack's clone
C. follicularis "Pil Mann"
C. follicularis "Squat"
C. follicularis "Vigorous Clumping

Right now I'm only looking to trade for Ceph's not on my grow list.

Please no PMs email only sent to jeremiah@leilaninepenthes.com

Guess I misread the post..
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Man I was super excited when I first saw this. Then I realized I had everything on the list.
Then I wondered what on earth is missing off this list besides a few black clones. I'm stumped....and very impressed by your collection.


I would be very interested in
"Brewer red"
"Brewer giant green"

I'm not in any hurry but if you ever have extra let me know.