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Looking for a few neps

Hi all,

I know there is almost no chance of getting any of these but im going to give it a shot. Im looking for the following:

N. campanulata!!!! even a small one will do!!

N. burbidgeae 'pig hill'

and just for laughs, N. tenuis( I know that there is no chance of getting this but its worth a try.)

If anyone has these, I would be willing to trade as I dont have that much money right no( ie. none!)

Thanks for anything,


USA only please
Hey Sarraceniashawn-

Bummers that you are short on dinero :-(

There's a big N. campanulata on Ebay right now.

Good Luck on your search.

yeah, I saw it. If I had a 100 bucks, it would be mine, :-)) , unless its already gone higher than when I saw it last night. Thanks anyways!
didn't you get a camp already in a trade with someone at cpuk?

But anyway...good luck finding tenuis, and if you do, they're like $180 or something.
yeah, I got one from Nepenthesmatt but it was very small and I rotted it. To humid. :-(