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looking for a couple nepenthes


Toothy Connoisseur
would like to get seedlings of Aristolochioides, Jamban, Flava, red hairy Hamata, and Ephippiata. if you any of the above please pm me thanks ~Von~
also have H. Nutans, D. Regia etc. for trade. I'm really looking to get an Ephippiata the most since I already have a line on the Jamban.
also have this Judith Fin which is over 8in across for trade. I'm not really looking for large neps it can be seedlings or cuttings!!! I'm also looking for N. Tenuis and Lowii.
You know that none of the Droseras in that picture are D. regia right?
really ??? of coarse I know that!!! everyone knows what Regia looks like but many are unfamiliar with burmannii, collinsiae etc. hence the pic.
I can offer N. jamban seedlings.