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Long time no see...

Sep 23, 2007
After many years of very little plant activity, life has settled down a bit again. I logged in again just now to find an unread personal message from 2008, so it has been a long time!

Been growing a few Neps year round outside here in Auckland New Zealand quite successfully for 10+ years now, my oldest just out grew its hanging basket and the whole thing collapsed on the lawn so will need a bit of a clean up.

Have had a small Cephalotus growing happily away under a glass jar too, however whilst it has spread out a bit it is not forming very large pitchers.

Was into things in a big way in the late 80's and early 90's, life, jobs, marriage and kids got in the way.

Anyway was in the local garden centre recently and spotted some rather nice rosette sundews. Some (D. nidiformis, D.venusta and D. tokaiensis) - I have ever heard of before. The usual offenders D. binata, and D. spatulata were there too, however no D. capensis to be seen which was a bit weird, I later discovered the D. capensis has made it to the National Pest Plant Accord list and can no longer be sold or exchanged (It was a bit of a weed in my collections too from memory).

I did some digging for the NZ CP society of which I used to be member and went along to a spring sale for 6-8 years ago. The website has gone and the society deregistered, so looks like that is gone. More googling for other NZ based growers seems to have come up blank, so looks like I am stuck with the rather limited (and often poor quality) garden centre options for now. To plug the gap I have ordered some Sarracenia seed (I can only find small S. purpurea at garden centres) from off shore, hopefully they will make it through.

Still hoping there is still some sort of under ground movement here in NZ!


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Jul 12, 2001
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Welcome back! That is quite a vacation... Glad to see you again. I hope you can find some goodies to expand your collection! I had a N. x 'Miranda' in a 15" pot since about then that used to hang but it's been on the ground for a while because the pot was just falling apart. I just repotted it a couple weeks ago! I couldn't even pick it up to take it to transplant so I ended up grabbing the plant and pulling the whole thing out of the pot and coming for the pot later with a bucket to put the pieces in. :p