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local trades in LA county

hi all,

i am looking for some live trades in my local area. are any members here from LA county? check out my growlist. im open for shipping as well, but nothing beats seeing the plants with my own eyes and meeting new people in my area who love CPs.

Where's your growlist? I don't see a link in your profile.
Show up to the LACPS meetings. Best place in Southern California to acquire Carnivorous Plants. Meets the third Saturday of every even numbered month. You just missed the meeting at CSUF where Ed Read has a fabulous collection and lots of freebies.

The June meeting is a special meeting at the Huntington gardens on the second Sat. You had to have signed up in advance so there is no guarantee there will be a pass or space available for the Greenhouse tour.

Yeah, another Long Hair!!! :banana2: I will be at the June meeting also. I hope to meet you there.