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Link to the daily weather forecast of Sabahs different major mountains

I was researching what is the climate and elevation of the various major mountain areas where highland nepenthes grow since I would like to try growing them and I came across this Link http://www.yr.no/place/Malaysia/Sabah/ . On the upper left hand corner, there are the two major mountains Kota Kinabalu and Tambuyukon. I notice that even Kinabalu has a higher elevation it has a warmer climate 78 to 82 F where as Tambuyukon is lower elevation it has a colder climate 50 to 60 F even during the day. It is nice to know what is the present climate so that we can duplicate this. Somebody may have posted this link but I would like to share it again.

Also I found this cool picture.

Diagram showing the highest
mountains of Borneo for



Very helpful diagram and information, thanks!
Wow this is really cool. Nice find dude.