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Lighting issue

I have been struggling with a lighting issue. The area I want to light is about 22" by 39".
And the current light source is an interior fixture with a single T-8 bulb with a diffuser.
It is hard wired to the house wiring. I was thinking shop lights and I have some, but they do not have reflectors and they look like they belong in the garage.
Should have checked the frame first.:) And they are heavy and ungainly. I am seeking and cannot find something that will work like a grow light with multiple bulbs and looks like it belongs inside the house. I want to mount it on the underside of a cabinet above the grow area, not suspend it from above. The multiple bulb fixtures with reflectors are larger than my width, I have 39" to play with, they are about a half inch or longer than that. And they are coming mainly (if not all) with plug in cords for wall sockets. I do not want to coil up a cord and try to hide it. I have looked to no avail. Thoughts, ideas? The width of the cabinet is 12". Many of the dedicated units are very expensive as well. Is there some kind of a midpoint between a ten dollar shop light and a $400 hight output multibulb rig? The distance from where the fixture will mount and where the plants are is about 22", and would be 16" or so from the plant tops depending. Not ideal, but with enough bulbs I think it would suffice, certainly would be better than what I have now. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!