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Light hanging options

I'm working on moving my plants indoors. I have a four bulb, four foot t5 light on the way. I'm planning on using a table I purchased cheap at a thrift store to display then on next to a window. Not going to use a terrarium since this room is above 55% humidity. My biggest issue is figuring out how to mount this light over my plants. I have a ten foot ceiling so that's not an option. I need to somehow have a floored rig to hang it from is all I can figure.

Any ideas that aren't too expensive? Thanks.
10ft ceilings aren't that bad. Local hydroponic stores sell light hanging pulley systems that could easily accommodate that kind of stretch. Then you can just raise the lights as needed as your plants grow.
I have ten foot ceilings and hang my light from it using baling twine , hooked 2 eye hooks to beams in the ceiling and looped the through so I move 1 knot to adjust the height
Oh, I know its doable, I'm just short and really do not like ladders. Don't have access to anything but a six footer which puts me on the top where I dont want to be. Has to be some way to mount it off a wall or scissor it over the table somehow.
Or you could look at your local hardware store or online and see if you can maybe find a large growth lamp. I grew one of my larger nepenthes for a long time under a big growth lamp on a windowsill and it worked out great. Pros to this would be... it would be based on the table and is much cheaper than buying an entire lighting system. Cons are that space would be more of an issue than a large floor based fixture. Something along the lines of this: http://www.birds-n-garden.com/shop/STPS440_2.jpg
Yeah, if I were just growing a few, that could work fine, but its going to be a large metal baking pan fulls' worth. I use the tray method for my plants. I've actually changed my mind on a lamp location, so it'll probably have to go from the ceiling regardless. I'll just recruit some help to hang the hooks. The table I was going to use I decided to use as a display area for some of my succulents. I have a real nice shelf near the rear of my room that gets a good amount of sunlight, so I'm going to put my plants on either the inner cubby hole, or just on top and hang the light down. 4-6" is good, right?
Well, I got my light In today... Had some issues initially but they work now. I mean... REALLY work. I halfway set them up on the shelf I wanted then on and provided a few hours of "sun" to my plants. Most of them did okay but one new sundew burned pretty good and my Binata got singed tips. They were about 6-7" away. I'm not sure if its worth messing with an indoor rig. I can't figure out how to hang this huge thing. Tried a few wall things today but I really am not side if that will worl and be adjustable... I'm stumped.

I need suggestions to grow outside where I can give my plants full sun, but protect them from extreme heat, wind and rain. These plants really are a major pain. >< Must be why Texas doesn't have many native CPs.
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