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Light fixture for lowland Nepenthes inside a terrarium?

Hey guys! :)
I just got a quick question. I'm planning on making my terrarium into a lowland Nepenthes terrarium and I'm wondering if this fixture seems good for the price (sorry that it's in swedish but you can still see how many lumens and so on it got).


That plants that I'm thinking of starting with are N. Ampullaria and N. Albomarginata, my terrarium is kind of small but I'm only starting out and later on I'm going to invest in a bigger tank.

Thanks! :D
I would look on eBay,there is a listing of a 8 tube t5 24" with a buy it now of $100 with free shipping. Thats in the US, bit im sure you can find something similar where you live.
Actually, I've looked at eBay alot and I can't seem to find anything that's not from the US and still shipps to Sweden. The good ones that are from the US are about 95$ but double that and you get the shipping cost :p
Okay, then I think that I'll get it :)