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LF Utricularia

Hi all,

I am trying to set up my utricularia collection again after having moved. I had a nice group of about a dozen plants before but had to pass them off to friends and collectors about 5 years ago.

I'm settled again and want to rebuild. Any help would be appreciated. I have lots to trade with, so PM me with your interests.

looking for anything in particular? I have some tricolor, bisquamata and dichotoma i could part ways with
I'm pretty much looking for anything. I've got longifolia, but gave all of the others away when I moved.
umm i have some ultrics you can have. i have some bisq, subulata and gibba if they are still alive. I will look tomorrow.
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I have tons of U. gibba, could send you a big starter. Also, an unknown or two, one from a water lily pond, and three or four others, gotta go check the names and if they are still kicking. A few companion plants if you wish.
I sent you a PM regarding a few utrics that I have for trade. Let me know if they interest you!