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LF Nep./Drosera Seeds

Sep 23, 2016
I'm only looking for seeds, very preferably fresh ones, and am looking for 5 different species because that is the space I currently have available and going to waste. I live in Alberta, Canada and am willing to buy or send a SASE.

Looking for either Pygmy Sundews, Drosera Gigantea, or Sundews like D. Platypoda and D. Stolonifera (with sort of spiralling leaves that kind of look like a spiral staircase)
Nepenthes that have either huge, or colourful pitchers (I like spotted ones or unusually coloured ones like N. Burkei or N. Ramispina) or big/unusual lips or lids (lips also like N. Truncata, or N. Hamata, or pitchers like N. Madagascariensis), or that have fangs (I LOVE N. Bicalcarata), or 'spurs' on the back of the lids (such as N. Microamphora)

Hope I'm not asking for too much, I'm just very excited to bring even more variety to my growing CP collection! :)

I currently have these so I am not looking for any of these species:
-D. finlaysoniana
-D. Burmanni
-D. Tokaiensis
-D. Sessilifolia
-D. Capensis
-N. Ventrata
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