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Hey tf. I've recently gotten interested in hoya, and I'm looking to trade for a few to get a feel for them. I have pinguicula to trade, leaf pulls or small struck pulls mostly. A few other thing though.

LF: Hoya rooted starts or cuttings (not h. carnosa.)

What I have to trade:
P. 'Titan' small plant
P. Moranensis
P. esseriana small plant
P. laueana very small plantlets
P. moctezumae
P. rotundiflora
D. binata "dwarf red" small plants

I have a lot of succulent plants and other pinguicula I would be willing to trade, these are just what I have available and ready to go.
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I have Hoya Kerrii. I received it as a cutting about 8 months ago. It has developed roots, but this thing seems dreadfully slow. No new growth since. I know it is still alive because of the root growth, and the leaves have plumped up since. I would be willing to lop off a piece for you.