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Leave a recovering Nep alone, or transplant with the others?

I rescued several abused Neps from a local marajuana supply store. They were mostly dead, thankfully I was able to recover most of them, some only as cuttings.

One plant had two dark green leaves, about three inches across. It took all of nine months for it to do anything. Finally it popped several more leaves, with nice brown hairs along their edges and some nice looking spotted juvenile traps about two inches tall.

This is the time of year that I repot everything with new media, should I leave the recovered plant all this year? Or repot it like I do everything else? It seems to e growing like a dang weed now, and I would like to get some less compacted media around those roots.

Thank you.
Yeah, if it's growing well, then repotting it should be fine and probably beneficial.