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After almost 2 decades of the CPs, I think my brain is beginning to need the plants that helps with relaxation. :lol:

Pure harmony

Egerton Blue

Grey Hedge

Amanda Carter

cindyaromatherapy :)

are you growing these on the patio?
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cindyaromatherapy :)

are you growing these on the patio?

I think only my toddler thinks I smell wonderful. My insane sensitivity to odours (good and bad) makes me think everything is bad....too smelly....too fragrant.... ROTFLMAO

But lavenders don't give me the sharp pain in the nose after sniffing them so I think they are great.

They are at the balcony receiving quite a bit of light. Humidity can be a huge issue but these are tried and tested species from a friend who probably has the largest and healthiest collection here. She hasn't been able to flower all of them yet though.