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Large Purpurea clones?

I was wondering if there are any Purpurea/ Venosa/ Rosea clones that are known for extremely large pitchers? I don't think I've ever seen any but someone must have one.
I have seedlings of a clone named the beast
If you are looking for big then rosea grows larger than most. There are a few clones like the one menctioned above. I have a large rosea giant clone from liberty county. It's noticeability larger than other roseas.
Brooks Garcia (at Sarracenia Obsessed) grows Purp "the beast". I don't have the photo on hand, but it was quite a large purp. He might have divisions on hand.
I just got a Rosea liberty co, FL from mike wang. It has leaves 6-8 inches long. You should contact him, he recently moved and is downsizing his collection. He is getting rid of some of his mother clones from this population.