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Large N. truncata, N. ampularia 'harlequin, etc. available

Hi all,
We're just starting to dabble in ebay sales for plants of limited availability at Meadowview. Proceeds will be used to help cover Meadowview's maintenance costs. Every little bit helps ;)

Large N. truncata

Dionaea book by Stewart McPherson

N. ampularia 'harlequin'- SOLD

N. ventricosa x inermis SOLD

Feel free to leave any feedback.

Note: As a non-profit organization, Meadowview has received special permission to promote sales on this forum.
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Just a reminder: Less than 24 hours left for bidding on the truncata and book on ebay (auctions will be finished by noon on Tuesday, 5/6/14). If you were thinking of getting in on the action, now's the time!! Remember, the money goes to a good cause!