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Just Not Sure...


Tropical Fish Enthusiast
This was supposed to be N. splendiana x mixta:


These two came with the now colony of defunct D. parvula subsp. sargentii



The D. scorpioides was also accidental.
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that last pic doesnt look like a scorpioides. it looks more like a rotundistickiana.....
D. capillaris would be my guess. Probably those pesky Tate's Hell long arm.
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LOL! If it isn't D. capillaris, it's D. natalensis.... or D. burmannii.... or D. intermedia... or... D. anglica...or....
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Maybe if you wash those darn aphids off of it, then repot it into fresh LFS, it will perk up and look more like itself.
I pitched those plants last week. I've been culling and consolidating, in preparation for the new growing season.
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