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ISO misting pump

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does this rag smell like chloroform to you?
I am looking for a small pump to use in my GH. The GH is only 6'x8', I have 5 misting nozzles in a system that normally hooks up to a water faucet. Not wanting the chlorine in the mist, I need something small, either in-line or submersible.
Looking on-line is very confusing, as I am not sure just what is needed for performance, other than a 40psi max is suggested with the kit.
Thanks in advance for any tips, help, or advice.
pet shops and hydro stores both carry a good selection of submersible pumps. The pet stores are always the cheaper route..
Hope you're doing well Larry. :wave:
Thanks Mass!
I am doing quite well for an overworked 53 yr old!
I finally got all my plants in the outdoor GH. Just trying to get it all dialed in at the moment.
I do have a few pumps left over from my fish store days....never thought about a mag-drive pump's ability to achieve 40 lb's of pressure.
Ha!, now I am off to the attic for a pump and try it out.

OK...that's a bust, the mag drive only allows low pressure/high volume.
I need a high pressure pump it seems.
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