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Is this what I think it is?!


I've always had BAD luck with plants. I also dropped both of my pings earlier in late Juney/early July when I opened a window and pretty much flipped the pot over. I thought for sure they were goners and if not that I'd have to wait till next year! =(

Anywho, I woke up to move them from their sunlamp to the window and I saw someething strange in Piro's crown! I noticed some purplish hues I'd never seen before and also how coiled the new growth was! Could it be that Piro is blossoming?!

I hope so! It'd be the perfect birthday gift (since mine is two days from now)! =D

Am I seeing things/being too hopeful or is that a flower bud emerging? =O
Looks like it to me, youll know forsure in a day or two.
Say, what do I do when it blooms? Should I keep it that way or should I cut off the flower? If I should cut off the flower, can I at least keep it for a week then cut it off?

I heard it's not a good idea to keep the flowers unless you want to get seeds.
Pings don't really get affected by flowering. I have some that have been in constant flower for 7-8months before stopping for a short break. Chances are this one will send up a few flowers back to back. Pirouette is a strong "flowerer" :)
Really? Oh that's wonderful! I love flowers because I can never get anything to blossom so if my Pirouette gives me lots of flowers I'll be fairly ecstatic! =D
Update: it looked like this the day after I took the first pic!


It's growing so fast! I bet when I get back to it on Sunday that the bud will have already emerged from the two leaves sandwiching it. Does anyone else think that in the first pic it looked like a beak with teeth? Haha!
pings flower all the time and i never bother to cut em off until the flower starts to shrivel up. they have very pretty little flowers imo :)
That probably is what you think it is. ;)
I just got back from my weekend to find that the stalk and bud have finally emerged from the rest of the leaves. While I don't regret leaving to celebrate my birthday, I do kinda wish I'd returned right away so I could have taken more pics since this is the first time I've ever gotten anything to flower!

I can't believe how fast my Piro grows! It's only been 2-3 days!

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A little more that 24 hours after I took the last pic!


It went from 1 1/4th inches to almost 2 inches! This plant is a monster!!! (But I still love it)!
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That is so beautiful! And Happy Brithday!
I think butterworts are beautiful enough, but the fact that they flower is even more amazing!
Please post more pictures soon!