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Is this light burn?

So I didn't pay careful attention to the weather forecast and outsides temps reached a high of 106 °F with humidity plunging to 20%. After returning home, I noticed my N. Miranda has a brownish and yellowish spots on the leaves most exposed to the sun. So is this leaf burn?


I moved my plants from under the tree they were growing to full shade. Now this kind of weather is expected for the next week, perhaps even longer, and I'm having a bit of trouble keeping the media moist. If I moved the Neps into my air-conditioned place (temps at around 79 to 81 °F), will it send them into shock?
sure looks like it to me, but it definitely isn't severe. Over how long of a period did this form?
It appeared over the course of one afternoon. It definitely wasn't there this the morning. I positioned my plant so that it would get light earlier in the day then shade in the late afternoon but it's now so hot it's still too much.
In that case, its most definitely heat/light burn. should recover just fine. That is an extreme temp to take with such low humidity even for a rugged nep like miranda.

... I could never survive in texas :p it hit 102 here few days ago n i couldn't function.
I can't function in this heat either! If I could find a job outside of this state, I'd leave in a heartbeat. Even my flytraps are suffering a bit. I'm going to have to take everything indoors for a while.