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Is this brand of Neem Oil okay?

I bought a little bottle of Neem Oil at Home Depot called "triple action Neem Oil" the ingrediants is 70% neem oil extract and 30% "Other ingrediants" with no other listing telling what is in it.
The brand is "Southern Ag"

Does anyone know if this will be safe on Nepenthes? And if so how do I apply it, do I dillute it in water and spray, or just spray only the oil? Thanks :)
They used to sell Shultz's Garden Safe Fungicide 3 in 1 Neem oil. Ready to use in a spray bottle or as a concentrate that you have to dilute according to the instruction. They sometimes sell them as hose sprayers that you connect to your garden hose. These are concentrated and you need to dilute before use. It mixes with the water if you use it on the hose.